One of the most popular vacation countries globally offers an amazing variaty of impressions. Bangkok the vibrant capital, the mountain regions in the north, tropical beaches and islands in the south, lots of wonderful national parks, phantastic buddhist temples but also lots ancien,tcities and UNESCO world heritage sites.


Sunset over Bangkok downtown - picture taken from King Tower Mahanakhon building (413m high)

King Tower Mahanakhon building in Bangkok - from ground level

Bangkok - Wat Pho (Temple)

Bangkok - Building in Royal Palace area

Bangkok - Wat Arun (Temple)

Chiang Mai - Doi Suthep (Temple)

Chiang Mai - Wat Phra That Doi Kham (Temple)

Chiang Mai - Wat Chedi Liam (Temple)

Chiang Mai - Altar at Wat Chang Kam

(Modern) Buddhist monch with mobile

Farmer harvesting Chilis

Sunset in the mountain area of Chiang Mai

Sunrise in the mountain area of Chiang Mai

"Bath tube struggele" among baby elephants

Waterfall Mae Ya during dry season

Waterfall Pha Dok Siew during dry season

Where is the green viper?

Two chedis in the Doi Inthanon national parc

Mountain view in the Doi Inthanon national parc

Temple Doi Kong Moo in Mae Hong Son

Temple Jong Klang in Mae Hong Son

Small bamboo plates with wishes in a buddhist temple

"Smog" because of the various fires ignited by native farmers

"Smog" in northern Thailand durng "burning season"

Fires even besides the road can cause traffic problems

Deforestation problem - trees are cut because of wood for construction and fire places or  slash-and-burn agriculture

Maybe overloaded with corn for elephants

Sun beam at the altar in the Chiang Dao Cave

Goddess Guan Yin - this time not Buddha

The "Blue Temple" in Chang Rai

Motor cycle traffic on a bamboo bridge

Famous "Golden Triangle" Thailand - Myanmar (Burma) - Laos

Tea plantation in the mountains close to Myanmar

The famous "White Temple" in Chaing Rai

Ancient wall paintings in the Wat Phumin temple in the city Nan

"Green" in the Doi Phuka National parc

Temple ruin in Si Satchanalai

Temple ruin in Si Satchanalai

Temple ruins in Sukhotai

Temple ruin in Sukhotai

Sunset over temple ruins in Sukhotai

Sunset over temple ruins in Sukhotai

Rice fields "everywhere"

Buddha head in tree roots

Temple ruins in Ayutthaya

Temple ruins in Ayutthaya

Buddha statues in a temple garden

Temple silhouette at sunset

"Jungle romance"

"Jungle romance"

                                                                                                               Khmer temple ruin in Phimai

Millions of bats flying out of a cave for hunting at sunset

Famous bridge of the river Kwai (rebuildt after World War II)

Huai Mae Khamin waterfall (Level 4)

Huai Mae Khamin waterfall (Level 1)

Erawan waterfall (level 2)

Floating market in Damnoen Saduak

Railmarket in Mae Klong (without train)

Railmarket in Mae Klong (with train)

Chanthaburi river walk

Chanthaburi catholic cathedral

Early morning food gift to a buddhist monk

Rotten tourist hut on a Thai island

Woman fishing in the morass of the mangroves

Small buddhust monk island at the east coast

Bamboo forrest

Khao Sok National parc

Pha Nga Bay

Pha Nga Bay

Pha Nga Bay