My last trip brought me to various countries of the Balkans. Main destination for some weeks was Albania, but on my way I also visited Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

This geographical Balkans area has variaus UNESCO sites, but Albania - main destination - is one of the last countries in Europe, which so far is not a main touristic hot spot.



Plitwitz National Parc - Croatia

Krka National Parc - Croatia

Krka National Parc - Croatia

Krka National Parc Visovac Iseland - Croatia

Krka River - Croatia

Fading of sky and Adriatic sea

Iseland of Korcula

Mediteranian colors

Over the roof tops of Dubrovnik

Panorama of the Old town of Dubrovnik

Harbour fortress Dubrovnik

Driving trough Montenegro

Kotor Bay - Montenegro

Ostrog Monastry - Montenegro

Lake Shkodra at the border between Montenegro and Albania

So called "Lead Mosque" in Shkodra - Albania

Cape Rodon - Albania

Cape Rodon - some of the more than 300.00 bunkers of the communist dictatorship

Door painting in the old town of Durres

Decaying main portal of the hotel "Degradimi" in Durres

Old Mosque in Tirane and construction sites are all around

New Mosque in Tirana and construction sites are all around

National Skanderbeg monument in the front, Italian architecture of 1920 in the middle and modern high rise building in the back

35% of all cars in Albania are Mercedes. Trusted because 30 years ago the old Mercedes was the only car that could deal with the "kommunist Diesel" fuel

Former school in Elbasan - unfortunately a lot of buildings are beyond repair

The muslim part of the city of Berat - UNESCO heritage

The christian part of the city of Berat - UNESCO heritage

Osum canyon

Ruins of ancient city of Byllis

Ruins of ancient city of Apollonia

Ali Pasha fortress  - Palermo Beach

Former secret submarine port of the UdSSR - Palermo Beach

Albanian Riviera

Archeological site of Butrint - UNESCO heritage

Archeological site of Butrint - UNESCO heritage

Ali Pasha castle close to Butrint archeological site

Gjirokaster - UNESCO heritage city

Gjirokaster - typical slate roof covering

Gjirokaster - maintenance problems of typical buildings

Ghirokaster - cold war bunker entrance in the home city of the former kommunist dictator

Lengerica Canyon

Ottoman bridge over Lengerica river

Ruins of an old communist steel mill in Guri i Kuq at Lake Ohrid

Ruins of an old communist iron mine in Perrenjas with ladybugs artwork

Details of ladybug artwork on fassade

Kaneo church in Ohrid at lake Ohrid - North Mazedonia

Stilt house museum at Lake Ohrid - North Mazedonia

View from hiking trail in the mountains at Peshkopia - Albania

Again some of the 176.000 bunkers of Albania

An official auto spare part shop

Mat canyon - Albania

Lagoon of Patok -  Fish trap in front of an old bunker

Hiking in the Albanian Alps near Theth

Blue Eye waterfall near Theth in the Albanian Alps

Night sky in Theth - Albanian Alps

Night sky in the Albanian Alps

Lake Koman reservoir

Lake Koman power plant

Valbona valley in the Albanian Alps

National library in Pristina - Kosovo

Three languages  (Albanian, Serbian and English) show the "ethnic problem" of the Republic of Kosovo

A visitor ticket for the monastry of Decane in Kosovo - issued by NATO KFOR after depositing my passport....

The "Newborn monument" symbolising the independence of Kosovo

(Non original) Monument in Skopje - Capital of Notth Mazedonia

Original stone bridge in front of (fake) palace - Skopje North Mazedonia

Fake monument in front of a fake palace - Skopje, North Mazedonia

Original wood houses at the river Save in Croatia

Old railway station of Vukovar in Croatia. A city with the most destruction in the Yugoslavian war and scene of the worst genocide among Croatian citizens.





The memorial site of Jasenovac - a former concentration camp of the "German and Italian satelite state" Croatia during World War II. The concrete flower is a reminder of the more than 80.000 people that were murdered in that camp, because they did not have the "right" race or nationality. Hopefully this is also a memorial for the future!