Forming the west coast of the Scandinavian peninsula up to the north cape. Lots of fjords cut deep into the country and some of them are 200 km long and over 1000 m deep. Adding up the rugged coast line and including a lot of small islands results in a length of app. 100.000 km.


Munch Museum Oslo

Modern harbour front appartments in Oslo

Bergen - most rainy city of europe

Old Bergen with (rare) sunshine

Tyssedal historic hydro power plant - base station

Tyssedal historic hydro power plant - downpipes

Gaustatoppen mountain - looks like a volcano

Stave church of Heddal

Stave church of Borgund

Stave church of Urnes

Village of Laerdal





Stalheim valley


Sognefjellet mountains

Road at Sognefjellet mountains

Nigardsbreen glacier

Nigardsbreen glacier

Nigardsbreen glacier runoff

Creek in the mountains

Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger Fjord with best weather conditions

Bad weather conditions at Trollstigen mountain pass

Atlantic Highway

Movie flying along the Atlantic rooad

Historic copper mining city of Roeros

Old street with wooden houses in the city Roeros

Abandoned historic mining area close to Roeros

Old storage houses in Trondheim

Fjord as perfect mirror

Fjord as perfect mirror

Vega archipelago

Lovund archipelago

Lovund island

Crossing the Arctic Circle

Svartisen glacier

Fjord nearby Svartisen glacier

Saltstraumen bridge

Helogaland Brücke in Narvik

Iron ore harbour in Narvik

Midnight sun over the Fjord of Narvik

Bridge to Sommaroy peninsula

Sommaroy peninsula

Senja peninsula

Skrollsvik Fort on Senja

Wild reindeer at coast

Segla mountain on the Senja peninsula

City of Tromsoe (gateway to the arctic ocean and third biggest city north of the polar circle)

Street art in Tromsoe

Mack brewery - most northern brewery of the world

Kvaenangen Fjord

Church of the city of Alta

6000 ys old petroglyphs of Alta

On the way to the North Cape

North Cape around midnight

North Cape around midnight